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Cypress St. Pet Hotel & Grooming
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Why Cypress St. Pet Hotel & Grooming

Designed to care for your pampered pets and tend to their needs, Cypress St. Pet Hotel & Grooming is the ideal place to drop off your four-legged companions while you work or travel. Our professional team of pet lovers will take care of them, ensuring their safety and entertainment until your return. We take pride in the fact that our furry clients always return with a wagging tail or purr, which is why satisfaction is 100% guaranteed here. We also offer a range of services that will make your pet the talk of the park or block, be it due to their clean, shiny coat or good behaviour. Please call our clinic for special discounted weekly or monthly day care and long-term boarding prices.

Our Pet Hotel Services

Day & Overnight Pet Boarding

We offer your pets the perfect safe, secure and fun environment you’ve always wanted for them. Whether they’re our guests for the day or overnight, we’ll make their stay memorable. You too will be at ease since they’re taken care of by professionals who love them almost as much as you.

Daycare for Dogs

Don’t let your dog cooped up at home as he waits for your return. At our doggie daycare, your pooch will get plenty of exercise as she socializes with other dogs. We’re also experts on tending for puppies or senior dogs, ensuring their comfort while you’re at work.

Pet Bathing

Get that new pet smell with our pet washing services. We use premium shampoo and conditioner to make their coats shiny, healthy, tangle-free and absolutely fluffy. With Princess or Fido flaunting soft and deliciously fragrant fur, chances are that you won’t be putting your fur baby down any time soon.

Dog Walking

Walking your dog keeps him healthy, fit and less likely to be hyper and destructive. If you don’t have the time to give your dog the break she desperately needs, we’ll be happy to help you. That way, you’ll come home to a relaxed, happy pooch.

Dog Training & Behaviour

Good behaviour complements good looks any time. We can help train your new puppy or dog, making him a role model for other pups in the dog park. Plus, who wouldn’t like getting compliments (or jealous looks) for being the proud papa/mama.

Pet owners love us!